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The WBC is a nonprofit recreational and touring club for bicyclists of all ages and abilities. For almost three decades, the Westerville Bicycle Club has been the source of cycling pleasure for hundreds of bicyclists.

If you are a new rider who enjoys cycling or want to get more involved in the sport, the Westerville Bicycle Club will introduce you to group riding: the quickest, easiest, safest way to learn more about bicycling. You will benefit from the diverse riding styles and social interaction of some of Central Ohio’s most experienced riders. You’ll not only have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of rides but also learn more about maintenance/repair, accessory selection, and safe riding techniques.

Learn more about WBC at our website:
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What's happening @ Westerville Bike Club

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October 26, 2017
WBC Thurs. Night NIGHT ride led by Mike Perakis. Great group of 10.  20 mile workout
Ride 2/from the WBC Thurs. Night NIGHT Ride. Hustled to make it on time after mowing :-)  6 mile errand
September 21, 2017
WBC Thurs. Night ride. Only 2 of us showed. Other rider took off before I did. Content to do a short ride, but as hard as I could.  12 mile workout
Ride 2/from the WBC Thurs. Night Ride. tight on time with 6:00 start, but got there with 4 min. to spare.  4 mile errand
September 10, 2017
Great day to ride the WBC's Dry Run.  34 mile workout
August 31, 2017
WBC Thurs. Night ride. Larry kindly kept the 4 of us together. A recovery ride for him after 700K and 36,000 feet of climbing this week!  23 mile social
Ride 2/from the WBC Thurs. Night Ride led by Larry Graham. Shortest way there and back--tight on time to; tight on daylight, from.  4 mile errand
August 24, 2017
WBC WNR led by Dusty. Rode with Gary, Tammy, and Beth. Nice to see more WBCers, and gorgeous night to be out.  11 mile social
August 23, 2017
Ride 2/from the WBC WNR ride led by Dusty L. Picture-perfect day to ride.  14 mile errand
August 20, 2017
In memory of Jeremy Grimm, riding on my own, in 2014 SHC kit. Jeremy was killed as he rode 8/18, by a motorist who missed the stop sign.  19 mile workout
August 10, 2017
WBC Thurs. Night ride. Alan kept the 6 of us together, making this the first full group ride of the year for me.  27 mile social
Ride 2/from the WBC Thurs. Night Ride led by Alan Martin, long way there, short way back  7 mile errand
July 26, 2017
WBC WNR. Fitness on the bike low, so I stayed with faster Bs only a few miles; rode the rest with the next, smaller group of Bs. Fun.  15 mile workout
Ride 2 WBC WNR; about 9 miles to get there, and 4 miles to get home from where I peeled off.  13 mile errand
July 17, 2017
WBC MNR ride led by Dusty. I rode about 10 w/ the group, then helped Barry & Jeff creatively add an extra mile or so; & turned for home.  17 mile social
Ride 2/from the WBC MNR, led by Dusty L.  3 mile errand
July 8, 2017
Central Ohio Challenge, a Multiple Sclerosis ride. route mis-marking (really!) plus detour, turned 30 and change into 40.  40 mile social
June 10, 2017
Tour de H2O, kinda making up my own course since I was riding and shooting a small set of photos for them this year instead of tons.  19 mile social
May 17, 2017
Ride of Silence, our somber processional.  10 mile social
WBC rides to the Ride of Silence. I met them at Park of Roses.  17 mile errand
April 10, 2017
Monday WBC ride, kindly led by Jon Hayes. About 10 of us. I peeled off early.  15 mile social
ride 2/from tonight's WBC ride.,  4 mile errand
October 1, 2016
GAP: 8 from WBC ride Connellsville to Pittsburgh, 20 miles of rain. You should see the bikes! Finished, about 2 min. before downpour.  64 mile errand
GAP: Ohiopyle to Confluence, solo riding since folks ahead wanted to go to Dunbar; folks behind are at Fallingwater.  19 mile errand
September 30, 2016
GAP: Double back to find WBC friends, who have ridden C&O and are now on GAP. Get cold, have to move on, ride to Ohiopyle  16 mile errand
September 28, 2016
Confluence, to/from town for lunch, supplies.  2 mile errand
September 27, 2016
Confluence, to/from town for lunch, supplies.  1 mile errand
September 26, 2016
Confluence, to/from town for lunch, supplies.  2 mile errand
September 25, 2016
GAP: Rockwood to Confluence. Tool around snapping photos of Confluence. Back to B&B  21 mile errand
September 24, 2016
GAP: Ride Frostburgh to Rockwood, tool around the town for photos, find a dinner spot, and to B&B.  34 mile errand